2010.08.29 storytelling.
back here...with happiness and sorrw, both.
back here...with goods and bads, both.
back here...i'd rather be back 2 u.

a leo trying hard to lose his foolish pride,
a taurus trying hard to ease her headstrong.
it won't be too late to love a person if you're truly loved.

time flies...the more he did, the more she get hurted.
he never meant to hurt her, but he did it...
so sorry when reading her words, tears drop...
he knows that he's late, too late to know that how she cherish him,
like she said, splendid can't never describe how much they love each other.
maybe he's a fool, a fool of love.

they won't be sure how long it takes to meet again
but one thing he wanna tell her...
the next time we meet, no matter we're still single, or already met a better one.
dont forget to wear a smile to each other,
and give a true bless, with a mellow heart.